OHHHH YES… what you've been waiting for is here… our Jamaican amazingness.  First up, their engagement session. 😀


 HELLLLLL YESSSSS!!!!! AYKM WITH THAT BEAUTY!??! I KNEW when I took this photo that it was going up right here on the bliggity blog!  Oh, and about all of the extra color in these images. I swear to you… I used the same process I always use (I even toned it down a bit) but that Jamaican sunlight is outtttta this world!!! We're all just naturally vibrant there. 🙂


   I adore you two!


 JEAN-GUY?! You are RIDICULOUSLY hot tamales.






As we were walking out onto these rocks… I think I almost fell 10x. As a matter of fact, Mike took the cameras from me because I'm a weeee bit awkward (understatement of the year).  They, however… could have ran on them, I'm not kidding! I kept saying, "you two move so nimbly!" (Yes, I know that's not a word… but they knew what I meant, so I say… IT'S A WORD!) I swear to you… they were like ballerinas compared to my clumzy ass!



 We literally took ONE photo here when Suzanne ran off and started jumping around like a crazy person… "ANTS ANTS!!!! ANTS DON'T BITE?!?!!!" I guess they don't bite in Nova Scotia… but they sure the heck do in Jamaica! Yes yes yes… fire ants… INTENSE! After she shook all of the ants off we walked for another minute when she said, "it itches so bad!" 

"Where?" I responded as I knelt down closely to her foot.

"There!" she pointed.

SMMMMMACK!!!!!!! Oh yes… WithOUT hesitation I took a BIG OL' swat at her ankle. You see, I've had more mosquito bites than anyone I know, and I'm ridiculously allergic (I'm convinced they love Irish blood). Anyway… I KNEW that the best way to make it stop itching is to smack it. Right after I did this, I immediately thought to myself, "OH NO! I shouldn't have done that… I totally went in to auto pilot!" as in.. that's exactly what I would have done if it had happened to a friend. 

I asked, "does it itch anymore?"

"Nope!" she said. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

WOW… I can't believe I told you that story… makes me look like a loony toony. Oh well… I am who I am! And…we were able to shoot for another hour… so, BOOOYA FIRE ANTS!!!

Here is that one single photo we were able to take in front of this palm tree… 🙂 


 Hello Atlantic Ocean.


 Does this photo make you bitter about having an abnormally cold winter here in the good ol' Midwest?! DOES FOR ME!  BTW, my favorite ❗


 this photo = perfection. 🙂 ANNNNND… Mikey's favorite ❓




Wedding: February 10, 2010 • Jamaica

Can't wait to show you their wedding!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


PS. Funny that our last engagement session was IN THE SNOW… talk about contrast!




 I'm telling you, me + that kind of heat are NOT pretty together. I may complain about the cold… but I'm MUCH prettier in Indiana than I am in Jamaica. Me = HOT MESSSSSS!!!!!!! (just you wait until you see my sweaty mess at their wedding… BLEH!)


 I was only able to grab one photo of Mike as he was laying out during our session… 😉 Isn't his leather skin so sexy?!*

 *JUST in case anyone is taking me even 1% seriously… that's not Mike. 🙂 Afterall, his Speedos are blue** 😉

**Mike doesn't have Speedos either, but wouldn't he look HOT in them?!

Okay, I'm being weird again… THIS is why I shouldn't blog late, I get weirder by the second.

❗ + ❓