A card from mom. 🙂 It reads:

"Sara, I know it seems strange to see a thank you card, but all I can think is to thank you for everything that you are and that you have become! Daddy and I love you!"


Sara said, "I have a little something for you!"  I LOVE YOU SARA!!!!!!!!!


 …..annnd…. the reality hits…..


 The maid of honor didn't want to forget something VERY important! Soooo…. she wrote it on her leg. 😉


Yes yes yes… a THREE shoe bride 🙂











Remember their BEAUTIFUL daughter Ella?  She watched the entire ceremony in awe.






 I love weddings!







My favorite ❗





 Double-tasking…bridesmaid style. 😉


During the speeches…  I just love that little girl!


Laurel Hall is so beautiful.


Those WACKY bridesmaids busted out some CARAAAAAZY dance moves!



Then we went out for just a FEW more portraits.  Told you Laurel Hall was gorgeous!


Mikey's favorite ❓


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  This is always the hardest part for me…. encapsulating what the day was in my words… in my small vocabulary, AHHH!  It's times like this I SOOO wish I were a good writer…. and often why my blog entries start with… "OH WHERE DO I BEGIN?!" Because literally… that's EXACTLY how I feel.

The weather… ESPECIALLY for a November wedding… WAS AMAAAAZING!  The sun was shining, the leaves were BEAUUUUUTIFUL, the sky was blue, etc. it almost looked unreal because it was all so unbelievably gorgeous.

The morning of the wedding was a TON of fun.   I LOVED getting to know Sara on a totally new level, laughing with her bridesmaids and watching the anticipation/excitement.  The best part… THE TRANSFORMATION!  It was so neat to see Sara go from a ponytail, jeans and an over sized button up shirt to the most beautiful person in the world… all within just a few hours.  Not that jeans and tshirts aren't hot… but, you know what I'm sayin', right?!  Sara, you're beautiful, k?

Sara was one of the most detailed brides ever…. not ONE thing was overlooked!  AYKM?! THREE PAIRS OF SHOES?!  Seriously… need I go on?!  I don't remember the exact story… but she ended up finding those green shoes that she'd been searching for through a blog commenter on our blog.  Isn't that NEAT?! Even her earrings… she searched online FOREVER for the perfect earrings… when she was looking at Heather's blog and came across the BEAUTIFUL bride Vivian…. she KNEW those were the PERFECT earrings… so she emailed Heather and BADABOOM BADABING… they were hers.  

Mark is outgoing, friendly, a great dad… oh, and handsome, too 😀  For example, while the girls were getting pretty at the salon… Mark was playin
g wii with the kids, showing off his herb garden and wishing his dad would sell him his Porsche. 😀  At the reception, he made sure to talk with EVERY single guest there. 😀

Thank you, thank you, thank YOUUUUUU for EVERYTHING! YOU ROCK!


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


Ok…slideshow time!  Click here!  The user name is Sara's maiden name and the pass word is Mark's last name.

And yep, the full gallery is here!  The event key is Mark's last name.  Enjoy!


Yes, those are my sunglasses… yes, Mike… you're pretty. 😀





Blue Steel?


❗ + ❓