If there’s one thing I  can tell you about Indiana universities, it’s that those who go to Depauw LOOOOVE their college! Sarah and Brad are certainly no exception! …after all, they did meet there! It was only natural that we photographed their session on their campus.
Shooting on college campuses is a bit of a challenge… after all, campuses are made to look perfect. 😀 So finding interesting / unique locations within campus isn’t always the easiest. That being said, I love a good challenge! 😉
Oh symmetry, how I love thee!😀This is not Sarah’s first time on this blog. 🙂 You see, she is the sister to Ellen (who married Brian)… a bride we photographed and adored back in 2010. 😀Then we shot a few images at each of their fraternity/sorority houses. First up, Brad’s fraternity! They warned me that the Delta Tau Delta wasn’t the most beautiful house photographically. Again, I love me a good challenge. However, I beg to differ… I thought it photographed perfectly! Then to the Alpha Phi house we went. This house was right out of a southern plantation! For the latter half of the session we went into the small town of Greencastle and snapped a few more. These two are so cute together! We came across a little farmer’s market. BOOM!

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Greencastle, Ind.

Wedding ::  6.8.13  ::  St. Louis, Mo.

Together ::  11.03.07  •  Engaged ::  5.19.12

Sarah   ::    Kindergarten Teacher   •  Hometown   ::   St. Louis, Mo.  •   Five words  ::  beautiful, classy, honest, loving, loyal

Brad   ::    Institutional Retirement Plan Consultant   •   Hometown   ::   Milwaukee, Wis.  •  Five words  ::  loyal, patient, cuddly, facetious, easy-going

How they met, as told by Sarah  ::  We met at the very beginning of our senior year at DePauw.  We first met at a fraternity party, but didn’t really talk until the next night when we ran into each other at a local bar.  Sarah unknowingly bought Brad his favorite beer, and the rest is history!

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CHA CHA CHAAA!In the army one of my drill sergeants called me “Rats Nest Sheridan” because my hair was so long and unmanageable. He was a jerk. 😉

[br] [br] Sarah and Brad, can’t wait to photograph your wedding next June!

Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


PS. Ellen and Brian, can’t wait to officially meet baby Sloane after drooling over her cuteness in pictures!  [br] [br] [br]