These two were SOOOO easy to photograph!  Why you ask?  Because they couldn't stop snuggling!  YAHOOOOOSKI!










We love finding new photo spots. 🙂





















Bring it in tight!










IBHCP!   Heather's always shooting in parking garages so we wanted to try it 😀






After I took this… I showed it to them… Peter turned around, looked behind him and said, "it really looks like that here?!"






Mikey's favorite ❓










 Told you they were easy to photograph!





 This makes me wanna snuggle. MMMMMMM!





See how they look at each other?!  Pretty incredible, huh?






My favorite!   ❗




INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. As we were photographing them, I kept thinking that Robin looked so familiar to me.  At the end of the shoot we were talking about their careers when she told me that she was in marketing.  I said, "Oh, I started out as a graphic designer at marketing firms."  I then told her that I worked for a specific marketing firm in downtown Indianapolis…

She said, "Did you work with the FFA catalogs… I was in one!" 

It came to me… "OH MY GOSH… I CLIPPING PATHED A MILLION PHOTOS OF YOU!!!!!!" (Clipping paths… cutting out around an image so that nothing is left but the object).  Funny how we're all so connected in some way or another.

Through the course of their session… we found out that these two have never kissed… NEVER KISSED!!!! They're saving the big kiss for their I do's… HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!  That made me even MORE excited for their big day!  Man oh man, we cannot WAIT for your wedding!!!!!!

Love love love….

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


 I have NO idea what's going on in this one… but it makes me laugh. 🙂












We all decided to take a nap 🙂








❗ + ❓