Meet Rob, a hot shot real estate agent based in downtown Indianapolis 🙂


 He asked for "not a cheesy lame real estate headshot" He wanted something more urban, edgy and badass.






….EDGY & BADASS!!!!  check… and… MARK!



INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  Rob is fun, young, fashionable, etc… he isn't the type to be photographed in front of a blue muslin with a big ol' cheesy grin.  As in… every other real estate agent head shot you've ever seen. 🙂  When he asked us for something less conventional, we were excited 😀  

Oh, it's important to mention that Rob said that he doesn't look good in pictures. I promptly told him to shut up 🙂 So, Rob… TOLD YA!

Much love friend!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


My blue sunglasses are Mike's favorite.


Mike is my favorite.

❗ + ❓