I went a little OTT with the bridals for this blog entry… but it's my blog and I'm the boss… so, neener neener! But reeeeeeally?! How could I not… Niki is a HOTTTT TAMALE!!!!!!!!




 How fun is that cape?!




Had to take the men's photos in complete darkness… WACKY BOBBI STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!


 Meet the flower girl…. 


 …and ring bearer 😀





 Love! 🙂 Mikey's favorite! ❓




 My favorite! ❗ Really proud of this one…



 Love this one, too 😀


 They had bobble heads made in their likeness!


 … right after the cake cutting… OHHHH how I LOVE high fives! (they motivate me 🙂 )




 HAPPPPPPPPPY NEWWWWW YEEEEEEEEAR!!!!!! You know… it was four years ago THAT night that we'd shot our first wedding 🙂


EVANSVILLE, Ind. Niki and Justin had such a laid back day full of love and a whole lot of laughs!

We had a LOT of firsts with these two!

1) Not sure if you were counting… but yes… there were SEVENTEEEEEEEN men in that photo in the parking lot. That's a personal record. NEVER have we had that many groomsmen!!!! WHEWWWW!!!!! 

2) Top hats, canes and tails.  Justin said, "It's New Year's Eve… we had to do it big!"

3) A cape!

4) Nearly every photo (minus the bridal session) was taken in complete darkness. 

5) In heels, Niki was 6'4" tall.  Yes, tallest ever… oh, and HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOTTTT!!!!!

6) We've never had a bride who looked like Anna Kournikova, Joss Stone and Blake Lively all in one 🙂

I willlllll sayyyyyyy… this ridiculously cold cold COLD winter the midwest is having has NOT made our job easy! HOWEVER, we've had some INCREDIBLE people to photograph who've been up for anything and OH SO patient. 😀 Lucky us, right!? So, a HUGE thanks to you two 😀

Much love friends…

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


 Another photo booth pic.  I promise… I'll have a blog entry ALLLL about this little offering soon!


 Me, on my tippy toes… telling hilarious jokes! 😀




❗ + ❓