I’ve been SO excited to share this wedding with you! A disclaimer on Molly’s mom’s behalf… her hair had just been set with curls. I assure you that she wasn’t going for the Shirley Temple look . 🙂 Oh, by the way… Molly, you are about as beautiful as beautiful gets.
This image reminds me of two things: 1) Edvard Munch’s Scream painting. 2) Kevin McAllister in Home Alone 1.
Isn’t Molly’s engagement ring the most beautiful ring you’ve ever seen?! Glad you agree…HER DRESS?! PERFECTION!!!!!My view.Mike’s. Love. 😀They had a most perfect non-conventional wedding. Instead of greeting guests after their ceremony, the greeted them as they arrived before the ceremony. However, as non-conventional as the wedding was… she still didn’t want to fully ruin the surprise of the wedding dress, so she switched into something cute and whimsical. This also happened to be during the best light of the day. So, I pulled the two of them away, right at the end of the meet and greet for 10 minutes to snap a bit of amazingness.
Oh helloooo gorgeous California sun!….then back into her wedding dress she went 🙂Right at sunset, Molly and Glen got married under this HUGE oak tree that sat in the middle of a gorgeous vineyard. Favorite #1. ❗
A funny little photographer story. 🙂 Molly is a wedding photographer herself… so she gets it. Right as she gets to the end of the aisle and reaches out to hold Glen’s hand, she looks at me with a small panic on her face. We both knew what the panic was about. He was in FULL sun and she had somehow landed RIGHT in the shade. Only a photographer would EVER notice this in the midst of her ceremony!  I shook my head with a smile and a wink… giving her the, “it’s okay, I have it all under control,” as I didn’t want her to worry about a thing but getting married to Glen. After a bit of walking around the ceremony for the perfect spot to shoot where the sun would fall perfectly on them, I found it! Molly and Glen were both perfectly backlit. BOOM! So Molly, my smile and wink still stands… I did have it all under control. WHEW! This was the coolest ceremony location we’ve ever photographed! Absolutely stunning!Though the sun had officially fallen behind the horizon, we still had a wee bit of light lingering around, and the guests were getting settled into the reception anyway… so we snapped a few more portraits 🙂 Glen, I love how much you love her.
LOVE those pink shoes!Glen, you look like a young Michael Stipe. 🙂Favorite #2 ❗Nothing like boogying with a bowl of ice cream!I teared up after I took this. This is the photo that I hope to capture at every wedding. 



Lodi, Calif.

coordinator  • Laurel Anderson, Esla Events
•  Stephanie Pace (Bride’s Friend)
makeup •  Jill Briggs
florist Crimson Horticultural Rarities
ceremony & reception •  Oak Farm Vineyards
officiant •  Sanford Marshall
cake •  Freeport Bakery
ice cream •  The Velvet Grill And Creamery
graphic artist Leigh Okies Events
dress •  Amy Kuschel
tux •  Bar III by Macy’s
tie •  Ben Sherman



their songs

Family, bridal party + Groom • I Should Have Known Better –The Beatles
Bride • Mendelsohn’s Wedding March – Performed by all 90 of their guests on kazoos
recessional • Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows –Lesley Gore (also the theme of their wedding!)
introductions  •
Eye Of The Tiger –Survivor
first dance  • Moon River –Andy Williams
father/daughter & mother/son • What A Wonderful World –Louis Armstrong
cake cutting  • I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) –The Four Tops
last dance  • God Only Knows –The Beach Boys




What was the most memorable moment of your day?

molly: Just one? Pffft! 🙂 1) Kazoos — more on those in a second. 2) Having the people who mean the most to me in this world (some of whom live far from my heart) all in once place and getting to love on them all day. 3) Hanging out just before the processional, listening, dancing and singing along to all of my favorite old songs being played for our guests while they waited. 3) The kazoo practice round, which really had to be experienced to be appreciated. 4) My dad forgetting to give me away! (He said he just wasn’t ready to let go yet. :)) 6) My dad’s super long speech!  All of our speeches, really.  7) Surprising Glen after the ceremony with custom ice cream from a local creamery. (We eat a LOT of ice cream together.) 6) Dancing like a fool. And oh yeah, 8) Marrying the best fellow I know. 🙂

glen: The kazoos were definitely a uniquely memorable moment. After our family friends instructed all the guests on how to use the kazoos, there was a trial run while the wedding party was hidden away getting lined up for the procession. When everyone started playing “Hear Comes The Bride” it sounded like the wedding of a giant swarm of bees. It was hilarious and phenomenal and the entire party burst into laughter. It also was a great moment because you never know how wacky things like that will work with a crowd—but it couldn’t have gone better and it really set the tone for the second half of the party, which was that we were all there to have a great time


Any advice for future bride/grooms?

molly: 1) Fly Bobbi+Mike to your wedding.  Duh.  2) Hire a good team if it’s practical for you.  Our wedding coordinator and florist / designer MADE our wedding.  Thanks to them it was beautiful, joyous and easy.  3) Consider eating dinner first!  Food and relaxation were important to us, and we wanted to get married on full stomachs, so we ate before our ceremony.  It made for some extra considerations on the logistical side of things (like attending all my wedding dress fittings after a big lunch!), but the end result was a jolly, laid-back atmosphere that flowed through the rest of the day.  4) Embrace crazy ideas if they make you happy (like kazoos!). 5) Ignore your DJ when he says he knows your and your guests’ musical preferences better than you do. 6) Wait to get married until you’re old enough to know that very few people on planet earth dance well, so that you’ll be more likely to dance the night away with no shame or pretense and love it.  And finally, 7) Be happy happy happy!

glen: Make your wedding day fun for you and your guests — and then actually have fun!


Funniest memory from your wedding day?

molly: Hands down, being serenaded down the aisle by all 90 of our guests playing “Here Comes The Bride” on Kazoos.  Backstory: We REALLY procrastinated on picking a DJ.  Finally my mother proclaimed that since we were running out of time to find someone, she was just going to buy a box of bulk kazoos and we’d have the guests hum the music all night.  GENIUS!  The processional was the part of the day I was most nervous about (I’m not a center-of-attention woman), and I wanted to make it lighthearted and spread the attention around. Oh my great goodness, did I succeed — it was outstanding.  By the time I made it to Glen, I was crying from laughing so hard that the officiant had to give me a good minute to recompose myself.  My only regret is that we don’t have this on video!

glen: Kazoos!


If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

We would have eaten more!  Specifically: BBQ + ice cream.  Otherwise, not a thing!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We just bought a house, so we postponed our “real” honeymoon until next year.  Instead, we spent a few days in Yosemite National Park, and we’ll save three weeks in China and Tibet for our first anniversary!


glen+molly+bobbi+mike…and sometimes I get sleepy in the midst of shooting. 🙂HA!
Wow to this capture. There’s a whole lotta crazy in this. Glen and his best man are having a moment while I raise Molly from the dead. Uhm, WHAT?!