I’m a big fan of Megan. Of course she had SUCH a fantastic group of bridesmaids… not only are they awesome women… but also hot tamales. 😀 WIN WIN! THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING DRESS! 😀 Megan’s mom had her dress replicated into a miniature version…

Mike’s favorite ❓

Men in tuxes are my fave 🙂 OH the perks of being a wedding photographer! 😉

Megan’s grandma got into a pretty bad car accident right before her wedding. Megan took a quick detour right before the ceremony with two of her sisters and surprised her. It made grandma’s  day.

Meet Megan’s dad Joe… he’s an incredible father. Joe, want to add one more daughter to your already amazing collection of them? 🙂

This was taken RIGHT after Megan was walked down the aisle and greeted Matt. 😀 I wonder what they were saying…


I love this. A lot. A whole lot. My favorite ❗


Canvas? YES!!!!!

Here was my favorite part of the day… the father/daughter dance 🙂

Here’s the difference in how Mike shoots the reception and how I shoot one.

Mike’s: flashed, sharp, bright, colorful.

Mine: black and white, grainy, softer, no flash. Now, admittedly… many more of Mike’s turn out than mine do.  However, when I get it… I love them! 😀 If I were a one photographer show… I don’t think I’d be able to shoot like this, I’d have to go for sharp and guaranteed vs. artsy and inconsistent. Luckily for me, I married Mike, I’ll never have to shoot alone. 😀 So this photo… yes, this one’s mine and I love it! 😀



louisville, ky.

wedding planner | Ellen Fox – Sha Fox • day of coordinator | Maggie Heely – Sha Fox
hair & makeup | Hali B and Co.
florist |In Bloom Again
videographer | ICVideo
ceremony | Church of the Epiphany
reception venue | The Brown Hotel
dj | Sound Unlimited Productions
cake | Mert’s Cakes by Virginia
menus | Wine Country Occasions
dress replica | Heirloom Textile Art
champagne flutes | Things Remembered
dress | Modern Trousseau
bridesmaid dresses | David’s Bridal



their songs

introductions | “Call to the Post” –a bugle call used in horse racing. Followed by, “Yeah!” –Usher
first dance | “Soulmate” –Josh Turner
|“My Girl” –Temptations
mother/son |“You’ve Got a Friend” –James Taylor
bouquet toss | “Single Ladies” –Beyonce
garter toss | “Wild Thing” –The Troggs
last dance | “Hit the Road Jack” –Ray Charles




What was the most memorable moment of your day?
megan: Saying my vows staring into Matt’s eyes, he just looked so happy! And the limo ride from the ceremony to the reception!
matt: The most memorable moment of the day was seeing my bride walk down the aisle….never thought I would have gotten choked up, but I secretly did!!!

What was your favorite detail?
megan: My dress (minus the difficult bussel) and the place cards
matt: Meg’s dress (she worked hard on it!!!)

Any advice for future bride/grooms?
megan: Hang out with whoever you want to at the reception… I wish I had hung out w/ my friends more. And hire Bobbi and Mike – having Bobbi there with me all day was like having another fabulous bridesmaid/wedding planner/old friend all in  one plus, Mike’s super cute!
matt: Don’t worry about seating arrangements….people can stand if they need to!!!

Funniest memory from your wedding day?
megan: Matt pointing to everyone else during our first dance.
matt: Oh man, too many…. by far the most fun/funniest/coolest memory was the dance floor ALL NIGHT LONG!!!  When everyone broke it down for Sweet Caroline right into Shout, it was just awesome!

If you could do it all over, would you change anything?
megan: I would have my Grandma there (she was in the hospital).
matt: Nothing at all…best day of my life!!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
St Lucia, but not until Thanksgiving…. both of us are getting our Masters (one part-time, the other full) so it was just too much to do them back to back.  Also, needed some serious recovery time!



Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


Meet Molly 🙂 She’s been reading our blog for 4-ish years… and she is officially our biggest fan. Seriously. She knew every piece of bbmk trivia I’ve ever EVER mentioned. Ladies and gentlemen… meet the new president of the non-existent bobbi+mike fan club. When I saw there was a mirror while I was taking the bridesmaids photos… I had to get a photo of the three of us 😀

They’re identical twins… and, if you know me, you know I LOVE twins (Molly, you already knew that, didn’t you?!) 😀 So, of COURSE I had to have a photo with them. When we posed for this… they called it a “twin sandwich” to which I responded,  “Actually… it’s a Bobbi sandwich!” I continued to explain, What distinguishes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from any other is what’s on the inside, (the peanut butter and jelly) not the outside… otherwise, all sandwiches would be called ‘bread sandwiches….’ ” They looked at me… enlightened and a little sad… “yes, you’re right… how have we never noticed this!?” No more twin sandwiches 🙁 However, yes yes yes…. there’s nothing wrong with a Bobbi sandwich 😉

❗ + ❓