These two are so ridiculously cute together. 🙂






 One of my favorite portraits of all time. ❗












Doesn't she have GORGEOUS eyes?!  I promised Joe that I would take a new "favorite photo" of Laura for him.  Here's my official entry for that challenge.






 Mikey's favorite ❓
















I think she does the "not smile" BEAUTIFULLY!






 We found some fun new spots as we went exploring 😀






They're both teachers…  I said, "this photo is SO 'Hot For Teacher'" !!!!!  They laughed WAY out loud. 😀
















INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  Joe and Laura came into our lives back in November, 2006 when we photographed Joe's brother's wedding (Hi Christin and Josh!).   

It's funny the very specific things you remember about a wedding day. 

I remember watching Laura flat iron her hair the morning of that wedding… her technique was perfection because it was SO silky when she was done.  It was then when I learned how to flat iron my OWN hair 🙂  So, thanks Laura!!!!!!!

As we were walking around Joe told me that we took his favorite photo of Laura ever at that wedding… hence the challenge that I mentioned above. 😀  Joe, you'll have to tell me if we got it 😉

Thanks for spending the afternoon with us… it was so awesome getting to know you both… you're so dang cute together!!!!!!!


Love love love,

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


Here's me taking my favorite photo of the session 😉 (second one down)






AYKM?! SEXY!!!!!!!  






 Even though I look like a hot mess in this photo… it makes me smile.  PROOF that it's my "HILARIOUS jokes" that make people laugh. 😀  HA!




❗ + ❓