WOWZERS! It has been NONSTOP since I got back! I haven’t had a chance to BREATHE!

Usually, as most of you know… I update this blog nearly daily. However, that has not been the case these past couple of weeks 🙁 Please don’t leave me!!!!!!!!

Today, I’m on my way to my last boudoir session of the season… which happens to be in Bloomington. So, I’ll be out of the office most of the day. 🙂

Here are just a some of the blog entries coming up:

cheryl+jeremy | wedding

boudoir 1

boudoir 2

boudoir 3

kristina + michael | wedding

vegas fun!

“leavin’ las vegas” (a shoot at red rocks)

jonah | newborn

boudoir 4

and SOOOOOOOO much more!

I may be biased, but I REALLY do have the absolute BEST clients/friends/blog readers in the WORLD! And if you disagree… care to battle? 😉

And because blog entries are LAME without a photo… here’s one of my new favorite photos EVER… and local photographer Shawna Schaub took it!


This was taken at the “Leavin’ Las Vegas” shoot… that’s my BFF Heather and I workin’ it out with a HOT HOT HOT model! Thanks Shawna!





Just a LITTLE bit longer for a blog entry…. 🙂 I SWEAR!!!!!

~ ❗ +

PS. May I HIGHLY suggest you all go check out Heather’s blog to get a taste of what Vegas was like for the Heather+Bobbi+Aaron show? She wrote an AMAAAAAZING blog entry ALLLLL about it!