Julie & Reagan
Tarpon Springs, Fla.

When I announced on Facebook that we were heading to Tampa for Sarah and Paul’s wedding I also announced that we would be taking a session or two while we were there. Julie promptly emailed us. When she told me she wanted photos with her daughter I couldn’t have been more excited!15_juliereagan_bobbimikeYou see… this was my life… just my mom and me most of the time.

For that reason, I was also quite nervous. We had, shockingly, never photographed a single parent with their kid(s). I knew that I  wanted needed to knock it out of the park! …for Reagan… for Julie… for me… for the single parents of the world… namely those single parents who owe this to their children’s future! This dynamic is quite common, yet very few are making it a priority.076_JulieReagan_2014Julie however, she’s the exception… and I love her for it. She gifts herself a Mother’s Day session with Miss Reagan every year. 😀 This duo lives in Orlando… to get to Tarpon Springs that morning she and Reagan had to leave their home at 4am. WHAAAAT?! 😀03_juliereagan_bobbimikeReagan’s personality reminds me soooo much of my own at her age. I suppose it’s natural that we have a bit in common… after all we are both only children raised by our mommas. 🙂 She’s silly, sweet, confident, unique, dramatic, hilarious, loud, and she respects and loves her mom!01_juliereagan_bobbimikeThis one makes me a little teary. Reagan, you’re going to conquer everything you set out to… you will, I know it.
04_juliereagan_bobbimikeJulie, you’re an incredible mother… Reagan is so very lucky to have you. 05_juliereagan_bobbimike063_JulieReagan_2014That hat… there was a street vendor selling them… Reagan put it on and she literally transformed herself into a super model (stay tuned for the end…). I couldn’t resist buying it for her!14_juliereagan_bobbimike06_juliereagan_bobbimikeMooooore funnnnn hatttttttts!11_juliereagan_bobbimike09_juliereagan_bobbimikeReagan really is a one-in-a-million kind of kid. 10_juliereagan_bobbimike12_juliereagan_bobbimikeThis… THISSSSSS perfectly captures the essence that is Reagan!!!!
13_juliereagan_bobbimikeMy favorite ❗  Man oh man… tearing up again… Julie, you’re just the best. 08_juliereagan_bobbimike012_JulieReagan_2014SEEEEE!!!! Told you she transformed herself into a super model! 😀 Reagan LOOOOVES to do cool model poses and had SO many awesome ideas! <> Reagan, you ROCKED this pose! 😉 P.S.  Mom (Kim), are you reading this? Does this photo remind you of any other drama queens you know? 😉16_juliereagan_bobbimike

Julie, on behalf of all of us grown-ups who were primarily raised by a single parent who have very few family photos… thaaaaannnnnk youuuuu!!! You’ll never know how much of an honor it was to have been asked to do this. AHHHH! Tearing up again…

Sending all my love and high fives your way!

~bobbi (+best friend ben) ❗

That image on the right… Reagan was teaching Ben how to do those aforementioned super model poses. I’d say Ben nailed it. Reagan however, as you can clearly see, has seen better super models… it’s as though she’s saying “who hired these amateuuuurs?!”0X0A4484