MAN oh man have I been SO excited to show you all these images. The light was MONEY that afternoon. Oh, hellooooo gorgeous. Can’t wait to photograph this beauty on her wedding day. BADABOOM BADABING!Now let’s talk about Kevin’s smile. Okay? I’ll start. It’s perfect. Oh, and he’s never worn braces.
Mike’s fun idea. 🙂
LOVE this one!I adore you two. 🙂My favorite! ❗ Here’s my view…

…and here’s Mike’s 😀

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Wedding  ::  July 14, 2012  ::  Indianapolis, Ind

Together  ::  August, 2010

Engaged  ::  October 7, 2011

Julianne  ::  Speech-Language Pathologist at a charter school in Indianapolis   •   Hometown  ::  Carmel, Ind.

Julianne, in five words (as described by Kevin)  ::  funny, intelligent, creative, marriage-material, naps

Kevin   ::   dental student at the IU School of Dentistry   •   Hometown  ::  Valparaiso, Ind.

Kevin, in five words (as described by Julianne)  ::   bright, enjoyable, witty, planner, late

How they met, as told by Julianne   ::  “We were blessed to have fate (under the strict direction of mutual friend Christina Lee with the close supervision of Josh Morris) bring ustogether. Our first group outing led us to one of most dangerous hip-hop clubs in Indianapolis – a result of a little naievity and a major lack of common sense; the club has since been shut down due to recurrent violence. We were quickly drawn to one another by our similar personalities and also by necessity to avoid any dance floor confrontation with the club regulars. A week or so later we went on our first solo date, a bike ride down the Monon Trail, and after that, as they say….the rest was history!

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In it to win it!

Much love friends! Can’t wait for your wedding 🙂

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓ [br] [br] [br] [br]