Another workshop session! 😀 Meet Jessi and Dane…It was a rainy, cold and downright miserable afternoon… a perfect day for a workshop attendee to watch a photographer make it work regardless of the situation. However, it wasn’t the perfect day to be the photographer that had to make it work regardless of the situation! I won’t lie my friends… stress level was high. 🙂
Let me tell you this… Jessi and Dane were troopers with a captal T! Notice she’s wearing short sleeves? Yeah, you’ll see what the rest of us were wearing at the end of this blog post…We explored the back alleys of downtown Indianapolis……all the while searching for anything dry!
Let’s talk about her hair. I’ll start. UH-MAY-ZING!Makin’ it work!The gist of the shooting section of the workshop is that we go to locations that aren’t the most picture-esque because well… that’s often what we, as photographers, are stuck with within our time constraints.  I’ve been to workshops where they brought in professional models and we shot in an abandoned railroad station (that was gorgeous), but… that’s not our every day reality. We photograph couples we’ve never met, aren’t professional models, and are in love in locations that kind of suck. BOOOOM!

I’m giving our workshop a new tagline. “The bobbi+mike workshop, where people stop being polite, and start getting real!” Wait… nevermind….

My point is this… if you guys saw where I shot this, you’d be mad impressed. 😉 I’m not gonna lie, I kind of shocked myself. Too bad none of us took a wide view. 🙁 Duh.

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Indianapolis, Ind.

jessi+dane  ::  dating since 2.16.10

Jessi  ::  Veterinary Student and Bridal Consultant  |  Hometown  ::  Newburgh, Ind. (born in Fairbanks, Alaska  ::  Raised in Beaver, W.Va.)

Jessi, in five words (according to Dane)  ::  loyal  •  sincere  •  empathetic  •  demure  •  elegant

Dane  ::  Musician   |   Hometown  ::  Boonville, Ind.

Dane, in five words (according to Jessi)  ::  intelligent  •  honest  •  talented  •  hilarious  •  attractive

How they met, as told by Jessi ::  “We were introduced by Dane’s brother, Derek. Derek was on leave from the Navy in 2009, and he brought Dane by my house when he came over to see me. There was an instant attraction between Dane and I. He asked me out for coffee a couple of days later, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

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She’s all… “Oh  my gosh, your hair is so red.” Then I was all, “Oh no, not as red as yours!” And Dane was all, “I’m fascinated by this conversation!”Just hangin’ out… don’t mind us!
Heeeeeeere we all are! 😀

[br] Much love friends!


❗ + ❓

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