Yes yes yes… that’s where we are 🙂 Pauline and Jim are getting married here tomorrow and guess who’s photographing it?! US!

Can you guys believe we’ve had two back to back destination weddings this month?! Us either! We have one more in May and then not again until next January. BUT… if anyone else out there is in need, CALL US!!!

We’re having blast, enjoying the sun, relaxing, working, shooting, eating, (more about my diet later, EEEKS!), swimming, funning (not a word… shut up, it is now!), sleeping, etc. It’s been great… 🙂

Here’s what I have to say re: a wedding in Jamaica… the weather is PERRRRRFECT! It’s breezy, sunny, warm… but not too warm, and even a bit cloudy (which we, as photographers, LOVE).

You know… I would LOVE to come out here with a big group of friends or our families… or better yet, BOTH… I just feel like this environment would be so much fun with the people that we love. And THAT is another reason a destination wedding would be so perfect. If we ever renew our vows… SIGN US UP!!!!!

I thought I’d head out of our little living spot all by my lonesome and grab a few photos. This was what I came back with.


It had just quit raining…









Ever look into someones eyes and wonder what they’ve seen? I have….




❗ YA MON ❓