me… in basic training 🙂



 Under that tree… on the right… me as "student first sergeant." It really meant that I just yelled out commands in an awkwardly high pitched voice. (for our past bride/grooms… now you know where I learned my family photo rallying skills!)


SO intimidating.


 My battle buddies and me… these are the two girls that I roomed with through all of advanced training. In the middle, that's PVT Frankie Raspotnik in the bed above me… she could sleep through ANYTHING.  On the right, that's Kelsi O'Keefe… aka OKEEEEEFEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! We were BEST friends…in that photo we were "PVT too cool and PVT oh so cool" Man oh man… we thought we were HILARIOUS! Still do 🙂



To be completely honest, I feel silly for even posting these photos… I was one of the very few people who, in my time in the military, never went overseas.  In today's military, it's a rarity to meet someone who hasn't, and almost a right of passage. I have such a huge amount of respect for you guys. So many have died, so many injured… to you and your families we owe our freedom, thank you.

Many of you already knew this… but, if you didn't know… I was in the Indiana Army National Guard 🙂 The photos above are from basic and advanced training.  Truth be told, the Guard just wasn't for me. 😀 But, I did it for six years… and proud to say that I did.

So, to ANY and ALL soldiers out there… HIGH FIVES TO YOU! And blog readers, if you happen upon a soldier or a vet, be sure to throw a high five 🙂 (TRUST ME… they're motivating!)

~bobbi ❗