This photo makes me feel like swinging.



















They're twins… 🙂







Our favorite ❗ + ❓









Heath thought it would be fun to throw grass at me. 




I wish that I were four years old… 











Amanda and Luke told us they had never seen their boys laugh as much as they did that day.   You don't even want to know what Mikey was doing to me to get those reactions!





And just to show you that we do take "normal" ones, too.





 Siamese twins?





I wonder who they're looking at up there 🙂 I'd smile if I were looking at him, too. 😀 





I shouldn't be showing you this as it's top secret information… but under that plaid lies THIS!  THEY'RE TWIN SPIDERMEN!!!!!!! 




INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  WOWEEEEE!  Boy oh boy did we love this family!  As many of you know, I'm a little bit obsessed with twins… so this session was a dream come true!

Those young men were a ball of energy and REALLY had us on our toes.  But, we loved every second.  They are so so so funny, incredibly well behaved and ALLLL boy!  

Thank you Amanda and Luke for asking us to come out and photograph your family… we had a blast!


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

Mikey showing Heath what it looked like inside of a lens… Mike said, "it's better than a kaleidoscope!"




My hot sunglasses. 😀


❗ TWINS! ❓