Uhmmmm, sooooo… I gained 3.2 lbs while in Mexico… but the good news is that I lost 2.6 of those pounds since I've been back…. which gives me a net weight gain of .6 lbs.

Yes yes yes, I'm quite bummed about it…. hence why I've put off writing this blog entry allllll dayyyyy.  Whateva… Enough about that.

Losing weight, sticking to a gym regimen, counting calories… it takes a LOT of discipline and to be PERFECTLY honest…. I REALLY struggle with it. 

I don't like working out…. just don't.  I envy those people who crave and are addicted to working out… who get a high from running…. who don't feel complete unless they've spent an hour at the gym every day.  That just isn't me.  Don't get me wrong… I LOVE the results, I love feeling stronger and healthier… I like knowing that I went that day 🙂 But the ACT of working out… UGH!  Don't be mad at me… I'm just being honest. 

SOOOO… I REALLY need to do more cardio… Will you guys please hold me accountable? I need to be doing it AT LEAST 3 times a week.  UGH!  So, that's the goal…. 😀  I'll be twittering everytime I go to the gym… and I'll tell you how I did at our next weigh in.


Here's everyone who's weighed in since Dec 19th (the last time I made a list… yeah, I've sorta been busy 🙂 ) The total weight loss for everyone on this list? 227.4 lbs. 

Alyssa (Hybrid Photography)
Amanda (JAndra Photography)
Amanda Abel
Amber (Smitten Photos)
Ashley Turner
Becka Knight
Cathy Bock
Chad B.
Clary (Clary Photo)
Courtney Reece
David (SD Ohana)
David Bock
Diane (Memorable Instants)
Elle M.
Erich M.
Erika Gregory
Faye Sommer
Giovanna Mandel
Jamie B.
Jennifer Adkins
Jessica P.
Kathy T.
Kim Ilax
Kimi (SD Ohana)
Kyle Hepp
Laura (Simply You Photos)
Marcia Tumminaro
Margaret B.
Melissa D
Michelle Pearson
Michelle Ross
Mindy Peterson
Nichole Frank
Nicole Neff
Sarah (Snixie)
Tracy S.



If for some reason you signed up or have reported your loss and I didn't list your name… SO sorry, just let me know in the comment section and I'll get it right 😀

Like always, a post without a photo just isn't right… SOOOO… here we are last week in Puerta Vallerta (where I gained 3.2 lbs.. but who's counting!?)


 Yes yes yes, I'm wearing that infamous "Little Miss Sunshine" shirt…. The one that I wear ALLLL of the time.  Whatever… it's my favorite. If I didn't think anyone would notice, I'd live in it. 😀


Alright team, YOUR turn!  How'd YOU guys do?  SOOO sorry it took me so long to update, I was just NOT looking forward to it.  Oh well… there's always next week 🙂

~bobbi ❗

PS. my goal for Valentine's Day? 8 lbs 😀 What's yours?

PPS. If you're just joining… just add your name to the list in the comment section and then every Friday report your loss… also in the comment section 😀