Nikon D200, 35-70 2.8 AFD, SB800 Speedlite and 7 Nikon brand batteries, $1600 😀


Selling the lot… all in one big ol’ package!  If you’ve been wanting to get into photography and have nothing… this is pretty much everything you need to get started.  A DSLR, a lens, a flash and some batteries… DONE AND DONE!

No photos because well… all of our Canons are being cleaned. 🙁

D200, used for one season of wedding photography. Works like new, few very minor cosmetic marks.

Original charger is lost, bought a nikon brand charger from hong kong, and it just has a clip on 110 volt plug. Works fine, and hey, if you’re going to Asia, take the 110v off, and it’s ready to go! Also includes 7 nikon brand batteries, en-el3e. All other wires and accessories in box are still in plastic. Only exception is the little clear plastic lcd clip on thingy. Haven’t seen that for a while 🙂

Nikkor 35-70 2.8 AF-D is in great shape. Glass is like new. Also comes with a 62 mm tiffen uv filter in good shape. Excellent alternative to the 24-70. Bit heavier, little less zoom range, but 1/3-1/4 the price with solid optics.

SB-800 speedlite also used for one wedding season, no accessories, just instruction booklet. We’ll even throw in two muslins we’ve got laying around here if you come pick it up from us!



Here are some oldie but goodies of us WORKIN’ IT OUT with our D200’s 🙂




email Mikey if you’re interested!


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