Elissa was one of the happiest brides we've ever seen… as you'll see, she had the BIGGEST smile on her face the ENTIRE day



 Who can resist a little shoe action!?


 BFFs for over 20 years…


Told ya! (about that smile 😀 )




 This is one of my favorite bridal shots in the history of the Earth! ❗


 HELLLOOOOO HOT ICE PRINCESS!!!!! (I mean, if ice princesses were real… I would imagine that they'd look like this)


 Elissa, this one's for you 😀 I showed her this on the back of the camera and she LOVED it. 




 If you knew how dark it was back there…. you'd be OH SO impressed with my BRAND SPANKIN' NEW 5D markII 🙂 To all of you photographers out there, I shot it at 6400 ISO at f1.6 and 1/80th of a second.


 Does this make anyone else giggle? Mikey's favorite ❓


 Just a few minutes until the big big big moment… 😀




 This church was GORGEOUS!




OH SO sweeeeeet!


😀 I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PHOTO!!!!!! 😀 PS. ISO 5000 f1.4 1/200th taken at 7pm, YEAHYEAHYEAH!





 Did I mention the BFF for over 20 years thing? 😉




 And then… the first dance 😀


 Can't you just hear her saying… "AWWWWW!!!!!"


 ALLLLL thanks to the father of the bride that we were there at all that day. 🙂 He saw us in action at Megan and Ben's wedding in May of 2006 and approached me for a business card… the rest is history. 🙂 By the way… isn't this photo cool?!


I LOVED everything about the MOH's speech…. My favorite! ❗




 AHHHHHH!!!!! Okay, maybe THIS is my favorite one!!!!! ❗



TOLEDO, Ohio. What more can I possibly say that these photos didn't already?! These guys are so expressive  and comfortable being themselves that capturing their emotions was not difficut at all 😀

These two have been together since high school. I think that almost their entire bridal party has known each other since then, too.  So… they've ALLLL been friends for YEARS!  This was one VERY tight-knit group who was a BLAST to be around! Oh AND not to mention they're TROOOOOOOOPERS…. notice how COOOOLD it looked in those photos!? Well, it wasn't an illusion, it was FAREEEEEEZING!!!!!!!!  We, however, heard not ONE complaint out of ANYONE! They were ALL about it and up for anything 😀 Elissa stood out in the cold for longer than anyone AND in high heels.  She kept saying, "I only get married once and I can take this cold!" She's seriously a super hero.  SUPER ICE PRINCESS!  Gosh, I'm getting cheesier by the second!!!!!! Okay… shutting up now…

Their reception… AYKM?! The aforementioned bridal party who was a blast… uhm… they did NOT disappoint on the dance floor!  Oh, did I mention that Elissa and her Maid of Honor have been dancing since they were like five years old… AND they're both STILL teaching dance!!!!!!!! Of course, they teach together… are you surprised? 😀 So, needless to say… I sort of knew that it was going to be a fun dance floor.  🙂 I asked Elissa earlier in the day if Mark was a guy who danced. her response, "he cuts a rug." OMG… I'm getting SOOOO old because I then said… "is that a good thing?!" Her reply, "uhm yeah… he can dance." 😉 OHHHH YESSSS HE CUTS A MEEEEAN RUG!!!!!!!!  

On that note, I've gotta tell ya… they taught me another word 🙂 Are you dying to know what tha
t word is? Because if so… I'm getting ready to tell you 😀


And what does that mean? It simply means that something is cool or awesome or hot or well… anything that's uhm… good 😀 So yes… their wedding was TOTALLY fetch! (Did I use it right? 😉 )

We ADORE you guys!!!!!!!!

Love love love!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

All right!  It's here!  to view Elissa's and Mark's slide show, click here!  The user name is Elissa's maiden name, and the password is Mark's last name, in all lower case.

Also…the full gallery is viewable by clicking here!  The event key is Mark's last name.  Enjoy!




 Sexy… duh…


If you've ever been in a bobbi+mike bridal party…. you probably can imagine what I'm saying here 😀



I love how his face scrunches into a smile when he shoots.




❗ + ❓