UPDATE: MILES MADE IT INTO THE TOP FIVE!!!!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!! NOWWWWWWW… we have to get him into the top TWO.  So, CLICK HERE TO VOTE AGAIN!  They're REALLY dragging this contest out! 


One of my favorite babies is doing quite well in a local Fort Wayne Indiana cutest baby contest.  Out of over 100 babies… he's in the top twenty… duh.  I couldn't resist getting the word out here… so go vote for him!  Though, he doesn't really need our help… he really IS the cutest baby!


Here's a photo we took last fall… wow, seems SO long ago!




and just to show you how BIG he's gotten… WOWZERS!!!




This one is my favorite photo of Miles EVER!  Great work Betsy!



So here's what I know about the voting process…

Miles has made it into the top 20 and throughout the week they are doing voting in groups to pair it  down to the top 5.  Miles' group votes today, Wednesday.   Voting is from  9 AM-6 PM… again, only on Wednesday.  You'll find baby Miles in group 5.  To vote… make sure you vote for "Miles K"  Oh, and the age you put in is YOUR age… not of the baby.  😉   (you don't have to be an Indiana native to vote…)



I'm ridiculous.  Oh well… this kid deserves to win.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH HIS CUTENESS?!

~ ❗ +

Back to regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow…