This time of year is the hardest for photographers…


Well, between Christmas deadline ordering madness, designing approximately 120,458 albums, shooting ten weddings in a row, going to a 3 day photography workshop in Philadelphia, end of season catch up, fall colors that everyone wants to be photographed in, traveling to Northwest Illinois, Washington D.C., Chicago and Louisville, celebrating our seven year wedding anniversary, Mike’s dads 60th birthday party, losing my wedding ring 🙁 , finding my wedding ring :D, and trying to work out daily… I’m POOOOOPED!

Bottom line… though I haven’t had time to blog much lately, rest assured… it’s not for lack of things to blog!

Here’s what I have coming up… in no particular order:

melanie+adam+nori | family
megan+matt | wedding
rachael+patrick | engagement
jake+meredith | wedding
emily+matt | engagement
kate+chris | wedding

Just thought I’d give a little update as I’ve gotten three “are you alive” emails due to the lack of updates. I tell you… you guys are spoiled with how much I usually blog! 😀 Know what my mom would call you? INGRATES! 😉

I’m only kidding… well… about the ingrates part!

So amazing blog readers, don’t leave me! I promise you, the downtime is only temporary.

Much love friends.

~bobbi ❗



And because I don’t like to blog without a photo… here’s one of yours truly from a recent session 🙂 You know, jusssssst in case Vidal Sassoon is in need of a camera carrying model… just putting this out there for their consideration. 🙂