I’m going to be in Kansas City (sans Mikey 🙁 ) for just a few days in May and was wondering if any of you want to do a fun photoshoot 🙂 That includes engagement, family, headshots, newborns, toddlers, seniors…. ANYTHING you can think of! If so… how does Saturday, May 10th sound? If it sounds fab… email me!


And… what’s a photographers blog entry without a photo?!




Don’t hate on the Michael Jackson gloves! It was cold and I needed some tight fitting gloves (so I could still operate the camera, duh!)… I had to access the old color guard costume vault in my garage… and VOILA… Michael Jackson gloves to the rescue! 😀 PS. what the HELL was my coach thinking with those?! GAROSSSSS!


~ ❗ +