I got to ride in the limo with the ladies that morning… Here's a famous Marcie and Savilla self portrait 🙂












They call themselves "The Sex in the Indy" girls… so OF COURSE I had to get a HOT photo of them.






How FAB is that flower in her hair?!






ARE YOU KIDDDDDDDDING ME WITH THIS HOTNESS?! Another favorite bridal portrait of allll time.  






She went back and told her mom, "MOM, I LOOKED LIKE A MODEL IN THOSE PICS!"  I would say… HELL YES YOU DID!!!!!! 






 Josh is such a STUD!  I love the bow tie… there's just something very classy about it.











It's not every day we got to shoot under some scaffolding… 






HOW HOT is that white jacket?!






I know I keep saying the word, "HOT" but AYKM?! I can't NOT!  THEY'RE HOT!  Mikey's favorite photo ❓











A last minute touchup. Amy, your eyes are SO blue!






Okay, Amy… this makes me laugh.  RIGHT before she walked down the aisle she said to her dad, "Smell my hair!" And… HE DID!  Clearly… he lives in a house full of women.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the many facets of a father/daughter relationship.
















GORGEOUS!  If I were them… I'd get a canvas of this… but, that's just me 😉











Yes yes yes… I couldn't resist taking it again… leave me alone! If you know what/who I'm referring to (and you were in NO way involved in that day) $10 iTunes gift certificate comin' atchya!  First one to know gets the dough.










I love EVERYTHING about this photo.  It's my favorite ❗











 INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Amy and Josh… we love you guys. We love your friends, we love your family and we loved EVERYTHING about your day!  

When I showed up to the salon… I immediately f
elt like I belonged.  I borderline felt like I needed to put on a bridesmaid dress.   I flipping LOVE these girls!  We spent the ENTIRE day laughing.  And… by laughing I mean my abs hurt the next day.  Thanks for the workout ladies.  "JUST A WORKIN' ON MY FITNESS!"

As I watched Amy get ready… it was so awesome to see her become a bride.  It really is such a cool thing to witness…  GAH I love capturing all of the little things that make up big day.  Everyone in the room couldn't stop staring…. AYKM?! Amy=STUNNING!

Josh and his groomsmen are an amazing bunch.  They're funny, patient, respectful, handsome… I could go on and on.   Oh, and I know you guys are curious about that suit that Josh wore… because it is SO HOT TAMALE!  He actually bought the suit and had it tailored to fit him.  I think that's SUCH a great idea!  OF COURSE you'll wear it again… and we all know the horror stories of the poorly fitting tuxes from the rental shops… never have that problem again!  And PS. He told me that Justin Timberlake stole his style… it was Josh's idea first.  😀

Their ceremony was perfection.  They couldn't keep their eyes off of each other.   AHHHH I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!! I know I'm a little OTT today.  Anyway… Amy's Aunt was the officiant.  Right at the end before the kiss the bride moment… she began to get a little emotional…. Amy looked at her with the biggest smile and with that little look came… "YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE!" AHHHHH I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!!

And to all of Amy and Josh's friends/family… thank you thank you THANK YOU for making us feel OH SO welcome.  We love you ALL!

I'm getting a little emotional over here…. SNAP OUT OF IT BOBBI!


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓



We photo'd this wedding the day after our five year anniversary.  That necklace I'm wearing in this photo… that's the necklace I wore on my wedding day. 🙂






Cassie, Savilla, Marcie, Bobbi, Amy, Laura, Staci and Amber. 😀

















 In the army, you call this position "at the ready" 😉



❗ + ❓