We photo'd kat+skip's engagement session at the same place they're getting married… at a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Lafayette… how awesome is that?!





 There were so many cool trees on the property…










That's a dragon back there 🙂  WOWZAS!



















My view… 






 Mikey's view…















 Then we went inside the house for just a few more…










WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. Kat and Skip are such cool people.  Kat is loud, funny, says exactly what's on her mind all of the time, comfortable in her skin, loves life and is fun to be around.  Skip is a little more reserved, very patient and OH SO caring… together, they're the perfect match!

I can't even explain how NEAT it was to photograph these two at the Samara House.  I didn't know much about Frank Lloyd Wright until that day… and let me tell you… Kat and Skip are a PLETHORA of Frank Lloyd Wright knowledge!  Kat actually volunteers for the Samara House and gives tours… she knows EVERYTHING there is to know about that house! 

We met the owner of the Samara House that night… Dr. John Christian.  He, along with his daughter Linda are such warm, caring, genuine people…  Dr. Christian told us the story about meeting Frank and the whole design process.  Now, I don't know much about architects and their process… and I'm not sure if this is common… but Frank custom designed EVERY aspect of that house… the rug, the furniture, EVERYTHING!  Mike and I were sitting there talking to him, Linda, Kat and Skip on a VERRRRRRRRY ooh la la rug… just SITTING there.  I got kind of nervous knowing that this was an AUTHENTIC ($$$$) rug… when Kat kept reminding me that it was okay to relax (easier said than done!).

For me… the most surreal part of the whole experience was pulling up to this house… and seeing that it was in the mix of suburbia.  It had a front yard, a back yard, and sits on a one acre plot… just like any other house.   I can't imagine living next door to a FLW house… talk about keeping up with the Jones' HA! 😀 

Kat and Skip… you rock!!!! We SO cannot WAIT to photograph your day!!!!! 


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


 Dr. Christian…